Beautiful, curated themes to help personalize all of your different Slack workspaces.

Having trouble keeping track of all of your Slack workspaces? Choose and copy one of the themes in the list to personalize a Slack workspace.

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How to use a Slack theme:

  1. Choose a Theme

    Explore from the list of Slack themes and click the theme item to copy the HEX code string to your clipboard.

    Copy theme from list
    Find a theme and click to copy
  2. Paste in your Workspace

    Paste the copied HEX string into any text box in the Slack workspace in which you would like to change themes.

    Paste in Slack and change theme
    Paste in Slack and change theme by clicking the generated button
  3. Change Theme

    Submit the message in the text box and click the Switch sidebar theme button that Slack generates underneath your posted message.

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